Hi there.


My name is Graylin.

I live in a small town in Indiana, thirty minutes west of Louisville, Kentucky, thus in a beloved area known to all as "Kentuckiana."

I'm married to my best friend Andrew. We've know each other since junior high and our mothers have been in the same bookclub for 20+ years -- a bookclub of which I am now a member.

I went to college and completed two years of AmeriCorps service in Asheville, North Carolina. It is one of my favorite place on earth. 

After college, Andrew and I decided to run away and get married in Norway. After that we studied and drank whiskey in Scotland for awhile, then ate a lot of bbq and drank a lot of Lone Star in Texas before moving back to our hometown. All the while I was a full-time nanny, got a master's degree in Contemporary Literature, completed two 300hr yoga teaching certifications and worked as an elementary librarian for five years. In February 2017, I left my job in the library to stay at home with our son, Simon. 

I've kept this blog since October 2011 -- it's nothing deep, but if you want to peruse the archives, head here.