My life until July...

About a month ago I started my yoga teacher training at Orbis Yoga in the Clifton Center in Louisville. Since 2008, I've been regularly practicing various types of yoga and I am so excited to be learning more about the discipline.

I don't plan on blogging about yoga too much (the last thing anyone needs is another "yoga journey" blog), but I might be posting some things once in awhile throughout the year.

If you have any interest in yoga, here are some links that I use to support my practice:

Yoga Journal

Ashtanga Yoga

Live Love Teach 

Baptiste Power Yoga with Sean and Karen Conley

Yoga Anatomy

Teachers that have helped me along the way:

Kim Esteran

Jenny Wicke

Selena Pang Minissi

Gioconda Parker

Dido Nydick