Cherry Bomb - Louisville

I promise this is not a blog in which I take endless photos of clothes and insist you look at "what I am wearing today." BUT...

I have been going to Cherry Bomb in Louisville since high school. It is one of the few stores in Louisville to carry American Apparel, which works perfectly because then you don't have to actually go to an American Apparel store--let's face it, that is one obnoxious place.

While I assumed the general cost of living in Louisville would be very low compared to Asheville, Stavanger, Edinburgh, and Austin, I did not anticipate its boutiques and vintage shops to follow suit. However, I am quickly realizing that in Louisville, one can be fashionable without breaking ones piggy bank.

I reconnected with Cherry Bomb recently through my fellow yogi and fashionista, Lydia, of Lunar Laundry.  Lydia "upcycles" vintage pieces to make "exciting, foxy garments," such as this adorable dress:

Today I spent some time taking photos (and maybe picking up some new toasty legwarmers to get me through my first winter back in Indiana...let's not talk about it)

Cherry Bomb houses both new and vintage clothing, but most excitingly, local Louisville designers!

I'm drooling over this dress from local designer Laura Fauna:

In addition to these fabulous threads, I found some  jewelry by local makers Woodwear by Andrea and Unique Grains by Matthew Little. Unfortunately my camera battery died before catching time!

Go to the Cherry Bomb! Say hey to my fellow yogi-in-training Lydia! Happy shopping and Happy Friday/11-11-11!!