Favorites: Kirtsy...

I want to share one of my favorite places on the internet.  Founded by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, Laura Mayes of Blog con Queso, and Laurie Smithwick of Upside Up, Kirtsy takes a unique approach to sharing pretty pictures on the internet.

Each day there is a new slideshow "curated" by a different individual. They are beautiful and inspiring and perfect with your morning coffee.

Some collections that have recently caught my eye:

Edgar Allan Poe, Curated by Laura Sweet of If It's Hip, It's Here

A Haunted Dollhouse, Curated by Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess

Rain, Curated by Laura Mayes of Blog con Queso

Hop over to Kirtsy...be sure to allow an extra bit of time...you can get lost real quick. Enjoy.