Happy Friday the 13th Y'all!

January 13, 2012

don't forget your booties 'cuz it's coooold out there! We had about an inch of snow yesterday and everybody is freaking out. I need to put my car in the garage...

Also, the true consumer came out in me today as I woke up, poured myself some coffee, opened up twitter, and discovered that Louisville will be getting an Anthropologie in the near future. HOLY MACKEREL. I am in so much trouble...In honor of this glorious news, here's a photo of some measuring cups from Anthropologie that I have converted in votive holders...I LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE.

i'm so excited for a cozy three day weekend. Andrew has been out of town for work, so I think we are going to just hibernate--watch tv, cook, etc.  What are your plans?