Happy Friday Y'all ::: January 20, 2012

Work today, but looking forward to a fancy dinner date at Louis Le Francais tonight. Andrew leaves tomorrow morning for Australia on a work trip. He'll be gone a week--it will just be me and the Bageldog hanging around.

I've got yoga all day tomorrow and a busy week at work coming up, but I've still got some fun stuff on my agenda:

1. finish watching Homeland 2. label my jars 3. visit with a brand new baby--one my bestest friends is having her second little girl any day now! 4. Eat lots. Drink lots. 5. Yoga lots.

Happy weekend everyone--holler at me on twitter or Facebook! I'll be around!

Also, I am a guest blogger on Secondary Embarrassment today-- I throw out some extra snarky comments on the Bachelor premiere! Go check it out!