of my favorite pastimes

"I don't like to eat between meals."SAY WHAT?! I am a big time snacker. When I pack my lunch in the morning, more than half of it is comprised of various snacks for throughout the day. i have since managed to get this drawer under control, but it was pretty ugly a few weeks ago.

When I was studying abroad in Spain, my host family turned me on to the best snack in the entire world. It's so good that I often make it as a side with whatever we might be having for dinner.

A simple tomato and avocado salad. Its deliciousness is somewhat dependent on where you live (Texas = amazing, Norway = not so much) and if the avocados are good. But even if the produce is subpar, it is still an excuse to eat excessive amounts of salt and olive oil!


cut up tomatoes of any variety you like. cut up an avocado. dump in a bowl. toss with lots of salt, coarsely ground cracked black pepper. drizzle with olive oil. EAT.