Happy Friday Y'all! February 17, 2012

I know I say this almost every week, but I am SO GLAD that is if Friday. This week has been crazy! It is a really busy time at work and there have also been a lot of new and exciting opportunities popping up...more on all that later hopefully...

I know that the Grammys were almost a week ago and in internet land that it is equivalent to about a decade, but I'm still in awe of Adele and her overwhelming awesomeness.

She is simply amazing and her infamous cackle is one of my favorite things right now:


I'm also still in love with her NPR Tiny Desk concert --kinda think this performance of "Someone Like You" is better than the recording!


What's on your weekend agenda?

For me: busy at work today, yoga TT all day tomorrow, then a free Sunday.