Weekend was amazing because...

wow, this weekend was the best in a long while. the weather was BEAUTIFUL and we didn't do much of anything.

it was an amazing weekend because I...

attended a bookclub meeting full of excellent food, lovely ladies, & great discussion made cupcakes for a work event tomorrow...dropped an egg...was so pretty though!

had the windows open throughout the house while blasting Lykke Li

yoga'd for almost four hours

made kale pesto (over half of which I had to throw out...turns out there is such a thing as waaaay too much garlic)

got to break out some Chaco's

had Sunday birthday brunch with Andrew's family.

ate some excellent white lasagna, courtesy of @leahslag

updated to IOS 5.1...they say that the Instagram Android app is "coming soon" !!!! Does that mean I can stop taking terrible Instagram photos on my iPad...please???

Back to work tomorrow...


only a 3 day work week for this gal...heading to Asheville, NC for the weekend! Woop!