cookbook review....a guilty pleasure for sure

I love checking out cookbooks from the library. Especially the big, hardcover, beautiful ones that are typically a bajillion dollars to buy. I checked this out a couple weeks ago:

I love to hate Gwyneth...whenever I'm feeling a little down, I always jump over to GOOP for a chuckle. However, I can't deny that she seems to infiltrate a lot of my interests: cooking, yoga, etc.

Well--I'm afraid to admit it, but I really liked this cookbook! Beautiful photos, pretty easy/delicious recipes, and a wonderful balance of the healthy and the indulgent.

really liked her pantry-stocking section....only encourages my ridiculous grocery shopping obsession.

so, even though I hate to admit it, this is one celebrity cookbook I can get behind. Lots of great vegetarian recipes, nice layout and directions, and nice photos. Bravo Gwyneth!