I eat what I eat

Next month will be one year since I stopped buying meat (still buy lots of seafood). I am by no means a vegetarian. I enjoy it when eating at others' houses or if I'm inclined to order it in a restaurant. I don't believe in rules, but both Andrew and I have consistently "leaned" in the direction of vegetarianism and now, veganism. I love to cook and above all else I want my food to taste good and make me feel good. Often people (especially within the yoga community) ask me, "Oh, are you a vegetarian/vegan?"

The answer is no, I simply eat what I consider  healthful and I have more and more trouble supporting the industrialized meat industry. That's where it stops. I have a major problem with all the moral judgments we place on diet.

These photos are from an especially yummy meal I made the other night. Salmon rolls from Lotsa Pasta, chilled avocado soup with cucumber, grape tomatoes, and cilantro, spinach salad, and roasted corn.

many thanks to Joy the Baker for the soup recipe!

About six weeks ago I quit buying eggs, milk,  and butter. However, I can't even think of giving up parmesan and greek yogurt.

No milk is no problem if you have this for your coffee.

In other words,  I see no point in giving yourself strict rules that ultimately end in a feeling of deprivation. Maybe I'm dense and it took too long to reach this conclusion, but once I did, it's became easier to sift through all the food chatter.

The more I cook, the more I love it. Our trip to Jungle Jim's this weekend was heaven...and of course we bought tons of wonderful cheese:

Happy eating!