Happy Friday Y'all! Listen to This!

"Dr. Nora Volkow" The Diane Rehm Show -- July 9, 2012 This lady has a crazeballs accent and the show was very interesting.

"Summer Strut 2012" Slate Culture Gabfest - July 11, 2012 Loved this episode last summer. Here is the link to their massive Summer Strut playlist---it's amazing!

"'Margaret:' Inside the 'Fall' Of a Teenager" Fresh Air - July 11, 2012

"Exploited Labor in the USA" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - July 10, 2012 Just listen to this if you think your job is bad.

"Spiders and Kittens and Lots of Gratitude" NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour - July 13, 2012 Only because of the mutual, "OMG I'm finally watching Breaking Bad too!" feeling.

Happy Friday everyone! In a few weeks, I'll be back to having true Happy Fridays (with the start of my new job!) for myself. The past few months it has been just another day for me. I've had a wonderful time being off, but am very much looking forward to getting back to work.

We had a wonderful first week at the studio! Many thanks to all who attended class--can't wait to keep going!

Heading to Forecastle tomorrow. The company Andrew works for has a tent, that's where we'll be most of the day....except when Girl Talk comes on...at that point I imagine we'll look something like this:

Haha, just kidding...Andrew likes to dance, but hates live music...does an engineer with a laptop count though?