a very special...Listen to This!

I am so excited for today's edition of "Listen to This!"

The Louisville area now has its own local podcast! Woohoo! Twitter pals and bloggers Melissa and Linda are podcasting about life in Louisville at Louisville, Not Kentucky. It's so fun to listen when I am familiar with the voices (or one voice, haven't actually met Linda IRL...ha!) and the locales. I love podcasts and have often dreamed of doing one--it takes guts to put yourself out there and they are doing awesome! 

Topics discussed on the first episode? Jungle Jim's, bourbon, drag shows, Breaking Bad, and Romancing the Stone!! This was MADE for me! Ha!

Oh, and how adorable is their logo?!?! Designed by Kyle Ware.

"'Breaking Bad' And a Little Sad" Pop Culture Happy Hour - July 20, 2012

"The Ripple Effect from rising food prices" Talk of the Nation - July 25, 2012

"Christopher Beha, On Faith and Its Discontents" Fresh Air - July 26, 2102

"It Was All A Dream (Or: Turns out spoilers are good for you)" All Things Considered - July 26, 2012

"The xx perform live" Q with Jian Gomeshi - July 27, 2012

Happy listening!