Happy Friday......Listen to This!

yay Friday! Great great first week of work--surprisingly low stress and fun!

Now for a weekend of nothing much. Closing ceremonies, music on the square, yoga, etc. Whatever happens, I'm pretty excited for the highs of low 80s....I'm so ready for fall I could scream.

"Battle of the Tech Titans" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - August 6, 2012 love your produts, but Apple: GET A LIFE.

"Dean Norris On Play Good in 'Breaking Bad'" Fresh Air - August 6, 2012 Yay Hank!

"A Blessing Disguised as a Scarf" Joy the Baker Podcast - August 8 2012 You might recognize a caller thirty two minutes into this episode...

"Quinn Cummings: A Year of Learning Dangerously" August 9, 2012 Not sure what to think about this hour on home-schooling...I was home-schooled until the 8th grade and I still find this a bit silly...

"Chris Rock on the Funny Business of Finding Success" Fresh Air - August 9, 2012 Chris Rock is one of my favorite celebrities right now...his presenting speech at the Oscars last year made me love him forever: