some rando photos for a Happy Friday!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Friday y'all! I am so so so so so ready for this weekend. Life has been a little exhausting lately. I have been feeling pretty terrible all week with a nasty head entire workplace is overrun with it right now. I'm on the mend--felt pretty normal today.

These are some rando photos of daily life lately:

1. is that not the cutest boy you've ever seen!?!? 2. that cutest big boy dragging out ever one of my shoes and threatening to chew while I'm at work...including my Danskos, Jessica Simpson patent leather flats, Chacos, and various mary janes?!? That means shoes are being put up in strange places. 3. sick in bed w/ the Bagel Boys 4. my dishtowels are disgusting. 5. dogs and computers 6. menu planning for the week 7. not letting me make the bed...again 8. THE BAGEL BOYS 9.  the second wireless mouse Reuben has destroyed...he is the cutest boy right?!? At least that's what I told myself as I swiped my card, purchasing another new mouse this afternoon. 10. EarthFare Louisville is now open! It is SOO nice! Great beer section, AMAZING bulk department...ahhh it was amazing. Too bad it's so far from my house, I doubt I'll regularly get over there.

No plans whatsoever for the weekend. THANK. GOD.