glorious weather, again!

Again, the weather was glorious for the weekend. High five to whoever decided to have these beautiful days land on Saturday and Sunday!

Friday after work I headed over to Sassy Fox where I had won one of their adorable (and ridiculously soft) new tshirts! Thanks ladies! Of course I had to browse as well...needless to say I came home with some new stuff...and to an email that advertised the Groupon for the day...for Sassy Fox! Of course I snatched that up, so I should be heading back soon. Yes!

Saturday headed up to Cincinnati to visit with friends. Ate a trio of bbq sandwiches, went a little over board on frames at IKEA, ate ice cream, and Jungle Jims-ed it.

Sunday was spent cleaning, laundrying, yogaing, etc. It's truly a little annoying how much of a homebody I am, but I just love being at my house--ha! Plus, these Bagel Boys (the dogs) are such a handful, especially that Reuben...see who finally discovered those books can come down off that shelf?!? AH!

There is some construction happening right outside our house right now and I found those detour signs to be very confusing...