today marks the one year anniversary of this little blog! Yeeeeee! I cannot believe I've kept this up for a year. 343 posts, a lot of "amazing" things, photos of hound dogs, asheville, and my boring life. I know that I am beyond late to the blogging party, but I've found that I really enjoy it--I've made tons of new internet "friends" and I'm so glad that I will have this digital record of daily life to look back on in the future.

I want to say a big, big thank you to anyone who reads this little blog. Also, if I don't "know" you already, come say hi! Follow me on twitter: @graylinsample instagram: @graylinsample or email me at yepindeedblog@gmail.com

Also, you can always come say hi on my Facebook page...even though that's become my last stop for internet fun...rant for another day...ha!

Here's to more posts to come! Thanks to all--hope to hear from you soon!