how old is this person? that sheet of photos right there? Yeah, that's right now.

Several weeks ago at work I had to take a photo on picture day for the yearbook. Of course I did not know this until about two minutes before said photo was taken and I completely forgot about said photo two minutes after it was taken. That is, until I check my mailbox this morning and find this.


Seriously y'all...this is is just getting crazy. The older I get, the YOUNGER and YOUNGER I appear. Seriously--how old is the person in this photo? 12? Maybe pushing 13 or 14?

Real answer? I'm turning 28 next month. Like, as in two years away from 30.

Is it that I do not wear makeup? Is it all the yoga? Is it that I refuse to smile like a normal person and more like an unsettled elf? I'm sure I'll appreciate this youthful look one day, but when you're accused of being undercover by the Trader Joe's wine cashiers, it's a little more than annoying.


Growing Younger by the Minute