life is better with...

So a bit of an obscure recommendation, but seriously, life IS better with the Sara Bareilles station on Pandora. I know, I're thinking "Pandora?! Why not Spotify?" and "Sara Bareilles?! As in, that chick from that Rhapsody commercial which aired about 50 bajillion times in the year 2007?!"

Yes and yes. You heard me right. I'm not sure what made me type her name into Pandora a few months ago, but holy crap I'm glad I did. Pandora's algorithm for this particular station is amazeballs. You get an even and flawless stream of acoustic singing, jazz piano, Adele, old school Tracy Chapman, guilty pleasure Colbie Caillat, & lots of Feist thrown in for good measure.

Flawless--listen to it now. I like to blast it in my kitchen while burning Fall scented candles, wearing slippers, and making these cookies.