a great present

Oh man.

I love my husband very much, but omg I love him even more whenever he gives me presents. Andrew has an amazing, amazing ability to give me the most perfect, thoughtful gifts EVER. ALWAYS. This dates back to when we were dating in high school. He has always given me the best presents. I have received surprise purses, satin pajamas, an autographed first edition of my favorite novel, footie pajamas, my best kitchen tool, an iPad, and who knows what else.

This birthday was no different. When we were in Asheville back in September, we looked at these books together at Malaprop's and I drooled over them. Of course, they were a little pricey, we left and I forgot about them.


I opened my present a few days ago and not only did he order me the two basic volumes, but every. single. book. in. the. series. OMG. OMG. OMG. Overwhelmed doesn't even describe it.

These yoga anatomy books written by Ray Long and illustrated by Chris Macivor are amazing. So beautiful and written in simple language that is easy to understand. They are great.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving--I'm hoping to have a great one full of brisket and birthday, photos to come.