resolutions 2013

DipticI have no idea why, but I tend to get into New Year's Resolutions. Last year, I made four and posted them to this blog. And lo and behold, I completed all of them (sort of)! Woohoo!

I really love self-imposed deadlines and structure...just ask Andrew, he'll tell you all about it. I have no idea why, but for some reason if I give myself an official task/goal/timeline/resolution, I'm able to follow's when I have no deadlines or guidelines that I flounder. I thrive in a structured environment...which I know now is why I enjoy working at the land of extreme routine: an elementary school.

Also, I think it helps that I like to pick obtainable goals that are specific with lots of detail. No abstract aspirations like "be healthier!" I need something concrete that allows me to chart my progress.

So here are some resolutions for 2013:

1. Watch  NCAA basketball pre-March Madness. I know this seems silly, but every single year I don't watch at all until the tournament. This year will be different! I've already started on this far, so good.

2. Read at least 30 books. Had this same one last year and just barely made it (I might still be working on one right now...whoops). However, this year I want to read at least 6 in this series, my 12 bookclub selections, plus my own picks. I want to be better on this one...always...

3. Set up an Etsy shop I have made an account, now I just have to take photos of my artwork/cards and get my stuff online. I have so many ideas for this, but have yet to actually DO any of them. Not anymore, it's happening.

4. If I get sick, TRY NOT TO BE SUCH A BABY.  This is honest, real talk. I need to get an attitude about not feeling well. I tend to complain, let it get me down, etc. I know this is a bit abstract, but I seriously want to try and be better about this.

5. Try to conquer my fear of going upside down (in yoga) Pay close, close attention to the wording in this last resolution. I have very purposefully set the intention to "try" to conquer this fear not that I will definitely. I have been practicing yoga since 2007 and while I can easily twist and balance in some seriously advanced postures, I am unable to consistently practice headstand, forearm stand, & handstand because of an irrational fear of getting my hips over my head. Part of me thinks this has to do with an inner ear issue I have inherited from my Dad, but I think it's worth another year of practice.

Also: I am going to switch up the way I blog (just a little bit). What I do know is that I want to use my camera more. So I'm thinking about a weekly photo blog a la Tracy Shutterbean. I'll keep you posted!