Happy Friday Y'all!

Photo Jan 14, 8 14 03 PM It has been a yoga filled week! Taught five classes Monday-Thursday...phew! Love it though. I had a great week and there was lots of exciting news job wise (for Andrew, not me).

Small victories this week:

1) I did not watch the Bachelor (did power DVR it though...fast forwarding through, etc). This is big people...baby steps.

2) a 2 hour delay at school on Wednesday resulted in a some fabulous early morning yoga time...thinking I might make this a habit.

3) I am already three books in to my 2013 goal! Read this book this week...unfortunately I was NOT a fan.

But, can you hear that?!? It's a three day weekend! Woohoo! I have Monday off for MLK day and couldn't be happier about it.