life would be better if...

We can all agree that life would be better if Theodore Lawrence (Laurie) was real. As a little kid I repeatedly watched the 1949 version of Little Women with Peter Lawford. And then in 1994, a new version appeared...


At this point in my life I was suffering from a Newsies induced Christian Bale obsession and this movie did not help that at all. Holy mackerel, I think this version is my favorite.

I watched it again recently over at my parents' house for Christmas and basically kind of cried through the whole thing. That music?!?! Claire Danes' wonderful chin wobble?! Christian Bale?! Gabriel Byrne?! Ahhh!

Probably one of my favorite endings ever...the score by Thomas Newman is simply the best:


Bah--love Little Women. Love, love, love, love, love, love it.

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