Camera Workout: Week 6

Photo Feb 11, 10 02 31 PM This boy gets tucked in every night. We're not sure why he's so tired exactly...he doesn't do much during the day either... Photo Jan 27, 9 26 09 PM The curry candle is almost gone. Photo Feb 11, 10 03 39 PM

Our main laptop went kaput so this little guy has been getting a workout lately--10 years and still chugging!Photo Feb 11, 10 05 01 PM

A horrifying sight. One load clean and needs to be put away, another that needs to be washed. Why!!??!?!? Photo Feb 11, 10 06 33 PM Not sure how or why this happened. Photo Feb 11, 10 09 39 PM

Putting my feet up, watching Mom prepare for book club. How rude! Photo Feb 11, 9 58 46 PM

A Valentine's book club meeting.

Photo Feb 11, 9 58 03 PM

Finally broke down and bought a real planner. I used to keep a very organized (maybe a little too organized) planner in college and have tried to use electronic versions. It does not work for me! I'm gladly going back to the stone age. Photo Feb 11, 10 11 42 PM

My nails are "forever festive" this week. My hands are suffering from that wintry dry, lizard skin thing. Ugh.Photo Feb 11, 10 08 16 PM

Getting my parboil on for some stuffed peppers. Photo Feb 11, 10 12 31 PM