Camera Workout: Week 7

Photo Feb 18, 5 32 35 PMBit of advice: don't try to read this book while reading this book. You will get disgusted at a spoiled lady's non-problems within three pages and have to toss it aside. Sorry to be so negative... Got some new tech gear delivered in this pretty awesome box. Photo Feb 18, 5 33 36 PM

A beautiful sight.  Photo Feb 18, 5 30 40 PM

This outfit looks a little ridiculous once you get home and take your boots off. Photo Feb 18, 5 31 44 PM

And by the weekend, a grocery trip was desperately needed. Photo Feb 18, 5 33 13 PM

Realizing I've learned nothing from this exact same time last year. February must mean homemade skinnygirls in my book. Photo Feb 18, 5 34 49 PM HOW is this possible?!?!?!? Photo Feb 18, 5 34 09 PM

I apologize for the snore inducing characteristics of my weekly photos...I've quickly realized my little life is not very interesting! Thanks for putting up with it!