Camera Workout: Week 8

IMGP8044 This junk drawer has been bothering me for weeks...finally put an end to the madness. Photo Feb 25, 5 04 55 PM

Poor Reuben got a bath...after a couple hours he finally forgave me. Photo Feb 25, 5 07 06 PM

Also cleaned out magazines...I've discovered that I'm kind of a magazine hoarder. Photo Feb 25, 5 05 29 PM This is very true right now.  Celebrated with giant sushi dinner out with the fam on many fun things happening for everyone right now.Photo Feb 25, 5 04 23 PM

Smoothie making...again. Photo Feb 25, 5 03 54 PM I have a nasty habit of getting home from work and putting tennis shoes on to walk the dogs...without taking skinny jeans into account. I do not recommend this look. Photo Feb 25, 5 03 20 PM

Hope everyone out there is doing's almost March!??!?! WHA?!?!?