Camera Workout: Week 9

Photo Mar 03, 1 22 46 PMI do both of these things a lot, yoga, yoga, yoga.Photo Mar 03, 1 20 05 PMI will never ever learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Photo Jan 26, 10 03 40 PMThis commercial makes me grab the camera and snap a quick pic as I'm passing through the living room. Photo Mar 04, 7 41 27 PMMy semi-gag gift to Andrew for his $25 a bottle, it's dang well worth a try! We had Andrew's parents over for dinner on Friday and had a taste test. It would probably be ok if we hadn't had it in comparison with this.Photo Mar 03, 1 16 53 PMTrying to get ahead of the game by chopping up an entire cantaloupe for this week's work lunches Photo Mar 03, 1 23 35 PMStarted this show over the weekend. Obsessed. So good. Photo Mar 04, 8 23 51 PMAndrew's pretty amazing birthday present from Kaylex...trying to decide what to have with dinner.Photo Mar 04, 8 26 00 PMAbout to get down to business and do this blog post you're reading right now.  A reformatted computer that runs like lightning makes it a lot easier! Again, big thanks to Andrew for checking these things off the list his last week at home.Photo Mar 04, 8 25 21 PM