Camera Workout: Week 10

Photo Mar 04, 8 26 47 PMWe're finally getting our upstairs furnished. Great new coffee table/tv stand from Rellek, moved the couch up there. Now all we need is a big tv...I once said we'd never have more than one television...but, I was....wrong.

Bagel is ready for spring...he's stick of being cooped up inside.

Photo Jan 14, 8 29 32 PM How did it do this on Wednesday: Photo Mar 11, 9 19 50 PM And then I got to open windows over the weekend: Photo Mar 11, 9 57 44 PMPhoto Mar 11, 9 34 19 PM Yeah so I went to Sassy Fox on Friday and bought some stuff..including a sassy chevron cardigan...also, totally saw Jennifer Lawrence's mom in there consigning a ton of stuff! Amazing! Going back soon so I can maybe grab some of it! Photo Mar 11, 9 24 26 PM Sunny triangles on cabinets Photo Mar 04, 7 43 16 PM Had to say goodbye to this piece of Mom's in the studio a few weeks ago...big thanks to Eva! Photo Jan 14, 8 30 46 PM Investigating some constant ear flapping...I swear, it's always something with this guy. Photo Mar 11, 10 28 28 PM I cannot believe we are in double digits with weeks for this series! Phew! I'm still going, but phew I've got a long way to 52!