Happy Friday Indeed!

photo (1) Oh boy. Yes. Yes. Yes. It is Friday and next week is SPRRRRRING BREAK! It's so funny to be back on a school schedule again. I have the next nine days off from librarian work, but I'm still teaching the yoga.

What do I have planned?


I plan to do a crap ton of yoga classes with this fine lady (20 minute per side pose flows!??! YES!), get all my knives sharpened, take a lot of dog walks, watch Enlightened...WHICH GOT CANCELLED?!?!?!? HBO: You're treading on thin ice...

Also want to try and actually read some stuff as well as run around doing some super professional errands...you know, business like business stuff!

In the meantime, just enjoy some photos from my new favorite tumblr, Thumbs and Ammo...so good:

Whoever thought of this is pure genius.