too much to do


I want to ask the question: how is it possible to be bored these days?

There is so much I want to do, read, see, make, eat, drink, watch, that at the end of every day I am left wishing I had a few hours.

I love this show and want to finish it, but also have this show and my favorite show ever starting back and I have still never seen The Wire, which let's face it, I know I'm missing out big time.

I am reading this book, but also have another bookclub selection, and some books for work that I'd like to read...Not to mention the long awaited My Friend series that always just sits around waiting...

Then I get really overwhelmed when I start thinking about all the classes I want to do here...then I would also love to get back into running...then I would also love to cook every recipe on Sprouted Kitchen, Shutterbean, andhere.

Oh and I would also like to this restaurant, go to the Louisville Science Center to see this exhibit

PLUS......I would love to plan/go on a vacation, take more photos, more motorcycle rides, blog posts to write, blogs to read, cocktails to make, yoga workshops to attend, and ETC, ETC, ETC, ETC.

I love how accessible things are these days and how much Louisville has changed since I last lived here. There are too many options and I love it...but it kinda makes my head want to pop off...please tell me I'm not alone?!?!

Oh wait...I guess I also have to work too....