Camera Workout: Week 15

Photo Apr 15, 6 43 33 PM Spring has sprung. Thank god. How beautiful is this little globe of beads? That's all Mom right there. Photo Apr 15, 6 42 49 PM

I made it over four years of marriage video game was nice while it lasted. Photo Apr 15, 6 37 41 PM

Trying to make sense of a chaotic kitchen...the relentless of dishes always gets me down. Photo Apr 15, 6 40 09 PM

Study, study, study. Photo Apr 15, 6 42 10 PM

This is what real life looks like when you have black kitchen floors and two beagle mixes that are shedding their winter coats. gross. Photo Apr 15, 6 41 19 PM

Really enjoying my yoga lately...again, YogaGlo has been a complete and total game changer.  Photo Apr 15, 6 44 22 PM

Heard this book recommended on one of my favorite podcasts, went straight to library. They weren't kidding. Wow. Photo Apr 15, 6 38 26 PM

With Mom in Tybee all week, this poor guy was a little lost. Photo Apr 15, 6 46 40 PM

Asparagus season! Photo Apr 15, 6 39 08 PM

Had a great weekend full of motorcycle rides. An odd combination of absolutely terrifying and total fun. Photo Apr 15, 6 47 16 PM Dandelions! Photo Apr 15, 6 49 22 PM

Cannot believe how fast this weekly post comes around. Things are moving rather quickly it seems like lately...