Camera Workout: Week 17

Photo Apr 22, 10 29 34 PM

Can't wait until I'm off work for eight weeks...I'm planning some major one-on-one time with my camera.

Found this note in my mom's piano studio. Photo Feb 03, 7 15 43 PM

Aunt Toots' backyard IMGP8689

oh. my. lord. SO good. IMGP8683

a tree of glass IMGP8695

And that's so totally it for this week. You know that feeling when there seem to be a million different things coming together all at once and it's all you can do to just barely get through it all? Yeah, that. Asheville this weekend should be a nice little break, then bring on Nashville and the end of school. I cannot wait until summer. You can tell I don't care much about Derby...leaving for Asheville for the whole weekend and it doesn't even factor in to all the events I have going on...Hoosier at heart I suppose.

Oh and it doesn't help matters much that allergies struck me down AGAIN and I haven't had much of a voice this week. Boo