Camera Workout: Week 18 and an appearance from Dress United!

Photo May 06, 8 25 21 PM Pretty pretty at Lis' house.

Don't care if it's too obvious and meal always. Photo May 06, 8 25 35 PM

I really wanted to get out my camera more on this trip, but it was raining pretty much the entire time  I was there. Boo. Photo May 06, 8 25 51 PMWe found the Downtown Market....ahem...

Photo May 06, 8 26 18 PMStop raining!

Photo May 06, 8 34 15 PMOld haunts.

Photo May 06, 8 25 42 PMAlso, I want to include some special photos this week.

Photo May 06, 8 28 54 PMPhoto May 06, 8 29 41 PMPhoto May 06, 8 30 40 PMPhoto May 06, 8 28 13 PMA little while back I was contacted by Dress United about featuring their custom t-shirt service. This service was ridiculously easy and I am seriously considering putting in an order for more. I am very picky when it comes to tshirts...let alone custom made ones. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a custom tshirt that is super thick, heavy, and splattered with rough screenprinting. This shirt exceeded my expectations in almost every way. Not only is it super duper soft, but the images are seamlessly printed onto the shirt as if they've been there forever.

Thank you so much for this opportunity Dress United. I can't wait to show it off around town.

Alright y'all, I'll catch you later. I've got to get off the computer and hobble to work. Kathryn Budig was UHHHHHH-mazing, but boy am I sore! (in a good way!)