Camera Workout: Week 20

Photo May 12, 9 12 42 PMExcuse the still wet hair in a top knot...blech

You can't tell in this photo, but these dogs are pulling me along at a fierce usual Photo May 12, 9 13 36 PM

This was a perfect night for playing with the new camera lens...and I never miss an opportunity to sit on the Buick. Photo May 12, 9 14 19 PM

This boy is old and grumpy most of the time. Photo May 12, 9 14 50 PM

This lens is tough to get a handle of... Photo May 12, 9 10 39 PM

This is what happens when  you leave the door to the laundry room that also houses the recycle open while you're at work...

IMGP8744 I know I always include photos of books I'm reading, but seriously this cookbook is GREAT. LOVE it! Love Daphne Oz!IMGP8932 Weirdest hotel room ever at Aloft -- Nashville...was very nice, but totally bizarre...I kinda loved it.

Photo May 20, 9 36 12 PM

And again Photo May 20, 9 38 18 PM

Playing with Bagel Boys/Upavishta Konasana Photo May 20, 9 42 51 PM

After 10 years, these guys have been to hell and back with me. 4 years hiking and swimming hole swimming in Asheville, 7 weeks in Spain, 1 week in Rome, a summer at Camp Walt Whitman, 3 weeks backpacking across Europe, a year in the fjords, a year in drizzle, a year in sweltering madness, and two years chilling back home. Photo May 20, 9 39 39 PM I'm shipping them off to be resoled and to get new straps. I love Chaco...they are an amazing company. Thank goodness I have two other pair here at home until the return...ha! Photo May 20, 9 41 35 PM As I write this post:


And here we are again at the end of another month! And Thursday is my last day of work (day job) for the summer! What in the heck!?