Camera Workout: Week 22

Photo Jun 04, 7 17 32 AM Mid morning meal...summer vacay in full swing.

Lis' high school ID bracelet...still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry Photo Mar 25, 7 14 20 AM

cherry cornbread...ridiculously easy (like, make a box of cornbread and dump fresh cherries on top kinda easy), but looks real fancy.  Photo Jun 04, 7 18 15 AM obsessed, crazed...I'm in deep... Photo Jun 04, 7 19 25 AM

banana, mango, brown rice, greek yogurt, almond butter, almond milk, honey, & cardamom smoothie. Photo Jun 04, 7 18 48 AM

These bags from World Market make recycling super easy. Thank you again Terry for discovering them! Photo Jun 04, 7 20 25 AMjoint flexor tea...tastes crappy. Photo Jun 04, 7 21 33 AM

Ordered a ton of books and supplies with the last of my funds right before work ended...and accidentally shipped it to my Photo Jun 04, 7 22 20 AMThese are so good. Photo Jun 04, 7 23 14 AM

I've noticed that my food processor gets a lot more use during the summer. Photo Jun 04, 7 24 17 AM

Great week!

Can't chat...I just called and made a very sudden hair appointment in Louisville...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Gotta go this crap chopped off.