Camera Workout: Week 23

IMG_20130608_172848 Patio sittin'

Got a new phone with much better camera...however, it's not possible to turn off the incredibly loud shutter sound?! I have about twenty more of these I was taking while lying in bed trying to figure it IMG_20130609_122037

The fancy coming out for next weekend's party. 20130609_173608

Cute 20130608_183651

Haven't made these potatoes in forever...oh man, so good and so easy. 20130609_172451

Of course these posts are never complete without at least one dog photo IMG_20130609_162907

This week's photos are all thanks to my new phone. I'll be back to the Pentax next week. Trying to get back into podcast listening this morning. Listening to Mara Wilson on Talk of the Nation right now...child stars are crazy! I'll be honest, NPR has been a bit of a drag lately...