Camera Workout: Week 25

IMGP9215Our upstairs is just one massive back scratcher in Bagel's eyes Cable was fun for a little while, but we aren't using it for anything but Jeopardy and The Daily Show. Apple TV it is! IMGP9230

Summer in a bowlIMGP9225

Mom dropped off a box of random relics from my childhood...rightfully so she's starting to make me store all this stuff. I wore this audiobook OUT as a kid. Love...wish I had a way to play this...oops IMGP9245The dollhouse furniture suits Poe perfectly IMGP9238This adorable little girl was found crying and wet on my parents' front porch yesterday! She was starving! Andrew vetoed it for us, but Steve & Leah have stepped up...she's a new garden kitty! 2013-06-25 13.03.23

Photos are crappy and unedited this week. I do what I can!

Until next time.