Happy Friday!


Remember a while back those amazing "food as art" photographs from Hong Yi? New York based artist Sarah Rosado is doing a very similar thing, but with dirt! Charming and simple. Better not give @leahslag any ideas...

I hope you had a nice FourthaJuly. It poured all day here and I accomplished almost nothing except for a major yoga session, playing lots of Candy Crush (WHY!?!?!?!?), and teaching some yoga. Not to humblebrag, but let me just say that we had 10 students in class last night! BAH! This whole year we've thought max capacity was surely about 8 people in this little space and have never had to try and squeeze more in...but last night we had 10 students and we all fit comfortably! HUZZAH!

In all honestly, things do seem to be picking up quite a bit yoga-wise...it has even motivated me to make a Facebook page for the studio AND do an actual website. Getting. Crap. Done.

If you would like to "LIKE" the studio on Facebook, I would deeply appreciate it and you can do that RIGHT HERE. However, if you despise Facebook and want nothing to do with it: GOOD FOR YOU and here's the link to my new website: http://www.yogaoncapitolavenue.com

Still gloomy here this morning, but nothing can get me down because I'm headed to Sassy Fox this morning to get first dibs on the end-of-season clearance.