Camera Workout: Week 27

IMGP9272 Decided to actually chop up some garlic instead of using minced out of a jar...better, but yeah, not really worth the effort.

This kitty is going to take a tumble while trying to catch fish... Photo Jul 08, 12 00 34 AM

Pretty cabinets in the studio

Photo Jul 07, 10 48 25 PM

Water feature! IMG_20130703_172632

Bageldog looking majestic IMG_20130704_164233

This summer has been fabulous for gardens. Photo Jul 08, 12 04 22 AM

Andrew caught me walking like a boss Photo Jul 08, 12 08 38 AM And looking a little crazy Photo Jul 08, 12 08 41 AM

Rocking out Photo Jul 08, 12 05 05 AMReuben loves it when I go to Target & impulsively buy him new stuff...and yes that is dog hair all over my couch...relentless & always.

20130708_152522 Chalk at Orbis Yoga 20130709_125740

Only about two weeks more until I go back to work! I cannot believe it...actually kinda ready for it. Does that make me crazy?