Camera Workout: Week 30

20130726_080443_1The weather has been absolutely ridiculous around here. So beautiful. The corn is everywhere around here. 20130727_185941_1

Kitty snuck into the studio... 20130727_175855_1

Running around out in the country. 20130727_150429_1

This weather was made for walking on the Big Four 2013-07-28 10.43.03We spotted some swimmers while walking up there...can only mean one thing: the IRONMAN in Louisville is only a few weeks away


After walking the bridge we drove down to Versailles to visit Woodford Reserve 2013-07-28 13.44.57 Yes

2013-07-28 13.12.59

Lots of fermentation happening 2013-07-28 13.54.17 My main thought: what if this place caught on fire? 2013-07-28 14.26.10

I found Thunderbird Energetica in Rainbow Blossom! Go Texan.  20130729_121216_2 Back tomorrow with even more photos...July wrap-up and such!