life is better with...Tiffany Cruikshank

  535f47a56b2e8362e414512d2c20263dI have a lot of favorite yoga teachers. Many that I have personally studied with and those that I practice with via internet. I am consistently rotating teachers on YogaGlo, but if I had to align my yoga philosophy with just one teacher it would be Tiffany Cruikshank. Her no nonsense approach to the practice is refreshing. Her instruction is strongly grounded in principles of science and anatomy, but at the same time her sequencing is crazy creative. Pose flows that take 20+ minutes per side?!?! Yes!

I love her and her classes. Her classes are crazy challenging, but I love that. However, she does have an addiction to inversions, which creates a bit of an obstacle for me. But lately, I've been pushing myself more and more and I'm slowing seeing progress... I am also very very intrigued by her 500 and 1000hr teacher time limits, you simply complete them on your own schedule, traveling to wherever in the world she happens to be teaching. Brilliant...something to think about.