Camera Workout: Week 32

2013-08-11 12.26.38These cherry pies look fake...Mom's done it again2013-08-11 12.26.46

This is my "I'm outside with no bug spray" face 2013-08-11 14.37.45

How many will it take to get that rock into that van? 2013-08-11 14.45.42

Couldn't be cuter 2013-08-11 15.12.57My view most of the day 2013-08-13 08.39.51

Marilyn came to school and redid my Truffala trees! 2013-08-13 11.43.48

That's all. Ugh. A day late, but I still got it in. Anyone else feel like a chicken with their head cut off lately?!?! Too much I want to do, too little time.