Happy Friday and what I learned in August

2013-08-04_1375645815 Oh let's see here...August. Back to library work and classes at the studio continue to grow...like, a ton! BUT. I can't really talk about anything other than the fact that I got headstand this month. That means that I've completed four out of five of my 2013 resolutions. Only nine more books to go to get that fifth one. Right on track!

Things I learned in August:

1. Going upside can be tolerable...still scares me, but I can do it.

2. I will watch Bravo again if you give me a show about late twenties/early thirties single foodie gals. So ashamed...it was a good run of being Bravo-free for a couple months...

3. It's possible to successfully give a Beagle-Corgi the Heimlich...I learned this the hard way when Bagel swallowed a rotten apple off the ground...terrifying.

4. Kindergartners and First Graders...28+ of them at a time...in the library...at once...in each class...times nine classes

5. That I might have to wrap my brain around Jesse Pinkman dying on Breaking Bad. Haven't heard any spoilers or anything like that, but I can just feel it.

6. I actually do like one of Justin Timberlake's new songs. Whoops.

7. Weeks have started to go by QUICK.

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Bring on September--can't wait for Fall! Hoping it's a good one. So far, my allergies/sinus issues are about a thousand times better this year which means I might actually be able to smell my Yankee Candle! (Thanks Kayla for a new fall one btw...the best season for them!)