My internet...part I

ahhh the internet. Every morning I get up about an hour and half before I have to be at work. I don't shower in the morning (I have a weird, OCD like obession with having to shower RIGHT before I get in bed at night...), I don't wear makeup, I don't have to walk the dogs, I barely have to do anything...but I still need at least an hour. Why? To browse the internets in peace with coffee.

After checking email and social media outlets Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (blech!), etc. I make the some rounds:

Google News Slate...although, since their redesign, I'm not so sure...I've never seen a website that is this unpleasant looking...horrible Daily Beast NPR Vulture Entertainment Weekly

Of course, after checking twitter and the like, I find myself in various random corners of the internet and ultimately, laughing to myself while looking at Buzzfeed lists.

I'll be back soon with part II, focusing on my favorite blogs.