Congratulations Meg and Matt! Oh, and seriously, TGIF

Today our dear friends Meg and Matt are tying the knot! Unfortunately because Andrew's job is newish, he doesn't have vacation days so we were unable to make the trip up to New England...which is a total shame because I know it's going to be a fabulously fun wedding! We met at the University of Edinburgh, Meg was in my master's program. They are awesome. Period.

I'll be thinking of you guys today! Have a blast! IMGP1120 Oh and can we please talk about how happy I am that it is finally Friday? This week was rough. Ready for two days of nothing...other than book club tomorrow. I woke up at 4:00am this morning unable to go back to sleep so decided to power through and finish our selection...whoa, 100% bizarre and I kinda loved it.