Camera Workout: Week 45

2013-11-10 09.55.24Breakfast burritos on Sunday. So good. 2013-11-10 09.59.40 Oh to be this relaxed... 2013-11-10 11.39.45 Lasagna prep...I spent all day Sunday in the kitchen making meals for the week...lasagna, soups, enchildadas, etc. Makes a huge mess & takes awhile, but come Thursday, you're grateful! 2013-11-10 13.23.21 Scaffolding means you mean business...and I totally just had to Google how to spell scaffolding. 2013-11-10 14.04.20 Trying to sneak in a picture of the new light! Dad and Andrew made this in about two weeks...cannot believe's so beautiful! 2013-11-10 14.37.41 Woohoo! Photos really don't capture great when it's dark outside 2013-11-10 14.54.06 Finally, had to include a photo of....OUR LAND!?!? We closed on the land on Tuesday, so it's official! Excited to start thinking about house/studio plans...yeeeeeee IMGP9182