Camera Workout: Week 49

2013-12-01 14.46.13Yep, still haven't cleaned that spice drawer.

This goat milk caramel from Looking Glass Creamery in Asheville is serious...and traditional. 2013-12-01 15.07.51 GLOGG! Made my first batch way too strong on the spice end...need to dial it back a bit 2013-12-01 15.08.20 Attempt at a bundled up photo. 2013-12-06 15.28.49 Cold...cold, cold, cold, cold 2013-12-06 15.39.26 Garage death trap 2013-12-07 13.27.38 A little crazy 2013-12-07 13.27.54 This guy is not a fan of the snow 2013-12-07 13.34.10 Andrew takes up the caramel making the guild now 2013-12-08 14.40.05 Big thanks to Mom for deep cleaning our sink during caramel making...Josh Groban carols facilitated this 2013-12-08 14.38.51 This book is massive and just as good as everyone says 2013-12-09 08.29.21