Poses 2014: 2/52

garudasana Garudasana or in English, Eagle Pose. This is one of the postures that I have deemed "a true pretzel." Garudasana is about balance, strength, joint flexibility, and a calm mind. Deep breath and strong focus is essential. My number one pro tip:

"Super glue your legs together."


2014-01-12 12.39.36  2014-01-12 12.40.15





If you're in search of stronger ankles, this will do it. If you have tight shoulders (who doesn't!?) this will help release tension. However, this pose involves something that is almost every one of my students' biggest challenges: balance.

One of my favorite international teachers, Noah Maze, who I was lucky enough to practice with in Austin, highlights how we "waver" in Garudasana: