homemade Naked smoothie juice

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I used to love those ridiculously overpriced Naked juices. I still do really. But when I realized how crappy they actually are, I could no longer justify spending 3+ dollars on them. So incredibly easy to make at home if you've got a bunch of frozen fruit...also, cheaper and healthier.

However, this still does have a ton of fructose in it...it's fruit! I'm sorry, but the day I start depriving myself of real fruit because it has sugar in it, I'm calling it quits. That's just plain ridiculous in my book. I even add a bit of honey to this thing...which is optional if you're watching sugar.

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I do not own a blender. Yes of course I would love a Vitamix, but I'm getting by just fine without it. I use a Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender for all my smoothies/juices, but feel free to use your fancy blender. If you're like me, use a high-sided vessel such as a liquid measuring cup and your hand blender for this.

All that's needed...all to taste + texture:

frozen fruit: my favorite combo is wild blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and pineapple.lime juicehoney (I think a higher quality one tastes a ton better, but am not above the big bear)minced ginger...from a jar (of course you can use fresh, but this is supposed to be easy!) coconut water

There is only one trick to this: put fruit in your vessel, or a bowl if you're using a blender. Microwave for 30 seconds to break it down a bit.

Then combine all your ingredients and blend away. Enjoy.

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I make this right after I've eaten an entire bowl of white truffle parmesan popcorn and need something sweet and fruity IMMEDIATELY.