Poses: 3/52

pgeione20140119_120802_120355_1 There are bajllion variations on pigeon pose. Full pigeon, one-legged pigeon, dead pigeon, active pigeon, king pigeon, etc.

Today it's Eka Pada Rajakapotasana...one-legged pigeon both dead and active. This pose is ridiculously difficult for me, thus I should be doing it every day. I try to hold a relaxed, passive version of pigeon pose for 3-5 minutes per side every night before bed.

However, this pose is tricky. It involves a strong external rotation in the hip joint, which has the potential to bring discomfort into the knee joint 20140119_132617_1

I am always trying to learn more about the tightest part of my body: 20140119_132611_120140119_132600_1 This is a good video on how to do this pose from Livestrong:


And there you have it..pigeon. Ugh.

"I avoid this pose...therefore, I know I need it more than any other."